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MJ Roundup!

We ([ profile] dayse, [ profile] fayemeadows, and [ profile] libitina) headed out Thursday morning after a full breakfast of eggs, bacon, fruit, bagels, lox, coffee, and tea. Nice way to head out for a long drive actually. We took that example and used it on Sunday too. The drive went very quick which was surprising. There was the Coffee Incident where I spilled an extra large Tim Hortons (Timmmmmmmies!) in the backseat as soon as we left the parking lot. Chrissy took us back through the drive thru where the guy was nice enough to give me a free one even as he blatantly made fun of me. Which I'm cool with because hey, new coffee (which incidentally [ profile] libitina wouldn't let me hold until we were back on the highway) plus my car smells like coffee! But I digress. Quick drive where we made Chrissy listen to Voodoo. I cracked Libitina up with that because hey, you gotta emote when singing Voodoo!

Checked in quickly and cheered at our free fridge! Thank you medication. Beer is medication, right? We loaded up the food in the fridge, unpacked, laid about for a bit, and then headed down to the Theater Cafe to register. There was much hugging of the Giddy as well as others. I spent $9 on a Bookers on the rocks from the frazzled bartender who settled down later in the evening. Then after eating, I spent the evening talking to [ profile] abelladonna, [ profile] kimberlyfdr, [ profile] j_s_calavante, and [ profile] mickeymvt among others. Headed into bed very late at night but luckily everyone was still awake as we played with the sleep number beds. And then sleep.

The day started with Doctor Who and lots of coffee. I wanted to go to the McShep panel because they will always be in my heart but the Doctor Who panel was the only one that [ profile] bethbethbeth was running and after her HP panel at the last MJ, I knew I wanted to go to that one. Also we got to discuss Doctor Who and it was smart and fun and people other than me love Seven! Then it was a break where [ profile] dayse and I went to forage for food before the RPF panel. We did the same after that too before the genderfuck panel. During the language of fandom panel I started to get hugely nervous because the Jack/Ianto panel I was running with [ profile] libitina was next. That went really well in my opinion. People seemed to enjoy it, there was conversation about how it is doomed, but we really wish them well. Plus there was a vid break for 'Papa Don't Preach' by [ profile] fan_eunice which is hilarious MPREG where Jack is havin' his baby. *g*

Saturday's panels were afternoon only because of Friday night (which I will go back to) - the AU panel because HELLO my favourite thing ever! Then a break where I checked on [ profile] dayse and got her out of the room long enough for the maid to clean. We watched the raffle which was fun before she went back to the room and I went to the Psych panel where I was co-modding with [ profile] giddygeek. Again I think it went really well where people were enthused about the show and we discussed why people aren't as fannish about it as other shows when it has an easy slash setup (Gus' fear of naked men aside) and fun banter. Good stuff.

Honestly I don't remember much about the panels except almost all meta panels ended up about bandom. Which is fine because there was a ton of bandom people, but I have to admit there were moments where I felt media fandom wasn't getting as represented. This is my own opinion and I'm not bashing anyone's fandom here at all. It was just a little sad that everything meta dissolved into bandom. :/

But lets go back to Friday night.

Dinner at the lovely little Indian place where I had delish mater paneer. And then we started drinking while we got ready for the vid show and dance party. Buttershots are excellent. And even more excellent with Jameson as [ profile] libitina discovered when we were pre-dinner drinking in [ profile] treewishes room. [ profile] cmshaw and [ profile] lightgetsin joined the room and [ profile] dayse forced buttershots on them as well. She was all for the buttershots.

But they can turn on you. Keep that in mind for later.

So we drank about half the bottle before we realized it was dinnertime. Headed to the Indian place, had dinner, came back and drank a little more before we got ready for the party. The table I was at for the vid show had lots of lovely bandom girls including [ profile] katrin, [ profile] shihadchik, [ profile] fayemeadows and others. Kat had started drinking early like [ profile] dayse and I had so we were the drunk goobers at the table.

Vid show was FANTASTIC. I loved all the vids even for fandoms I wasn't a part of or knew nothing about. Skullcrusher Island was so fun and I've never watched Lost. But dude, No Handlebars for Ten? PERFECT pairing. You must watch! And the inclusion of Care Bears in the Yuletide panel was full of laughing for [ profile] dayse, [ profile] fayemeadows, and myself (aside [ profile] earthdotprime read the Care Bear fic outloud at my bachelorette party).

There was some drinking in the room with [ profile] mickeymvt between vid show and dance party. Yay vodka, beer, and buttershots? Honestly this is when I start losing my memory of the evening. I know there was dancing, huuuuge vodka and cranberry drinks, chatting with [ profile] misspamela, and um, stuff. I don't really remember getting back to the room but apparently we ended up having enough people there because someone (*cough*Dayse*cough*) invited people back in drunken happiness. During the room party, I remember people kissing and then spending a lot of time in the bathroom with [ profile] c_regalis and [ profile] mickeymvt while I threw up. It was kind of a blur after that, but apparently there was sexing on our floor and then someone threw up and then I was in bed in my pjs as was [ profile] dayse (thank you, C and Mickey!) who passed out. I ended up in the little alcove by the ice machine and drunk dialing my mother who thankfully was awake. Um, like an hour later I got to sleep.

Somewhere in there I think I lost my nose ring down the toilet. Woe.

There was no drinking for me on Saturday when we went to Jacques. But it wasn't necessary. Others have gone into great detail about Jacques and how fantastic it was to be in that room with all these fangirls and drag queens. Destiny played with my boobs and stuck her hand into the deep vee of the top while I stuck money in her bottoms. How could you not love that? Plus I got to laugh and lean up against [ profile] abelladonna all night. She got a lot of drag queen attention as did many others in our crowd. Plus the drag queens were very, very well compensated by our crowd. Then [ profile] mickeymvt and I went back to our room where she drank while [ profile] dayse, her, and I watched a lot of Food Network Challenge. We know how to party it up on Saturday night!

Sunday was breakfast at the Theater Cafe and saying goodbye to fangirls. I'm always sad when I say goodbye, but really, I know I'll see so many of them in 2011. MJ is just so much fun. It's really just a happy weekend where yes, you can get thinky, but mostly you get to hang around with so many people like you who will squee and hug and *get* you. It's just wonderful.

When I went in 2007 I didn't know anyone except [ profile] raveninthewind (who I missed a lot btw) and [ profile] libitina. I walked away from that con with new friends and a lot of silly hope for the next one. Which lived up and then some.

And in conclusion,

I want to MARRY the shower and soaking tubs at the Radisson!

Oh, and Jack and Ianto are in love!

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