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Sam had been in a court room before so this wasn’t entirely new. The last time John had gotten out of the charge with just probation. This time he’d been sentenced to three years in prison for possession and intent to sell. That was a half hour ago and now they had been moved to another court room with another judge to decide where Sam was going to go.

Family court was new to Sam. Dean, who sat at his right, had been through this before. Sam fidgeted in his chair and Dean reached over, putting his arm over Sam’s shoulder.

At least Dean was here. Dad was across the room, staring at them both angrily. It was out of John’s hand though. He was the one going to prison so he got no say in who got custody of Sam. That was the judge’s decision and Sam knew that it was going to go to Dean.

“Custody of the minor child has been granted to Dean Winchester until the child is eighteen,” the judge said from up front. “Child protective services will follow up with the family following the court proceedings.”

“No way!” John shouted out. “I don’t want Sam with him. It’s not right to force Sam to live with Dean’s sick disease.”

“Mr. Winchester, you are out of order. Your son is better off with his brother so keep your mouth shut.”

Sam slumped down even more, moving closer to Dean so he couldn’t see John. “I’m sorry,” he murmured to Dean.

“Shh,” Dean said just as softly. “This isn’t your fault. None of this is your fault.”

“I should have checked his things, known how much he had on him when he left the house.” Sam pressed his lips together tightly. “I should have checked.”

“It wasn’t your job to take care of him. He’s the adult,” Dean forced Sam to look at him. “He’s the one who was supposed to take care of you.”

“I’m fine,” Sam mumbled, tearing his face from Dean’s hand.

“Dean Winchester,” the judge said and Dean looked back at him, standing up. “You are Sam’s legal guardian now. It falls on you to make sure he is safe. I don’t want to see either of you back in my courtroom until it is time to dissolve the guardianship when Sam turns eighteen.”

Dean nodded. “Yes sir.”

“Case closed. Court is dismissed. Please take Mr. Winchester into custody.”

Sam stood up quickly, watching as John was taken away in handcuffs, an angry, hurt expression still on his face. Dean put his hand on Sam’s shoulder, squeezing firmly. “Let’s go home, Sammy.”

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